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Olga Yashkina. Meditation (poem)

Опубликованное нами стихотворение Ольги Яшкиной «Размышление» житель Соединённых Штатов перевёл на английский язык, так оно ему понравилось. Мы публикуем его вариант стихотворения.

Оригинал взят у pigshitpoet в I Love this Poem... as best as I can translate it
Thanks to kamaz at Ольга Якшина. Размышление (стихотворение) Olga Âkšina. Meditation (poem)

Фотография Льва Шерстенникова

Mozaičnica Olga Yashkina

How to unread a page?
Or ignore the written letter?
Why do we dream at night, a nightmare
And then quickly forget it?

Why in a rainy autumn day —
Wistful rain — the soul sings?
And why in spring, passions bottling,
Sometimes the other way?

Radiant Sun in dark blue sky.
Gloom shrouds the heart and eyes.
And see happy was not the day or not ...
Why escape?

Maybe there is all this happiness:
One day, lying in the grass?!
One day, autumn rain ...
And this is undoubtedly the way.

Translated loosely from a poem published in the book "Color Chelny" (1976)


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