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The results of KAMAZ dealers’ activity in 2014 were summed up at their last conference in Sochi. The best sellers of KAMAZ vehicles and spare parts were awarded by tradition. This time, prizes were given to the most successful dealers in 17 categories.
Criteria for the selection of nominees reflected a very wide range of dealerships’ activities. These are not only sales volumes, but also the quality of services rendered, different mechanisms of vehicle purchasing offered to clients, organization of promotion events and much more.
As a result, the Best Vehicle Seller title was given to Kompaniya SIM-avto (Moscow) which has been in the lead for several years. It was also awarded as the Best Promoter of New Generation Vehicles. The fastest growing vehicle sales volume was shown by OOO AvtoLider from Ufa. ZAO Mezhregionalnoe obedinenie Tekhinkom from Moscow was recognized as the best seller of special vehicles. The best dealer realizing a scrappage program is also from the country’s capital – OOO KAMAZ tsentr Besedy. The best seller of trailers is Stavropol’s ZAO Energotekhprom-Invest, and Neftekamsk’s OOO Avtosbyt was inferior to none in selling NEFAZ passenger buses.
Top sellers of spare parts were also determined for each region. As a result, OOO Firma Gemma from Kirov and OOO Tekhavtotsentr from Krasnoyarsk are the best dealers in western and eastern regions, respectively. Sklad TFK KAMAZ was awarded for the best results in sales of cylinder-piston details.
OOO Gruzomobil-Piter was awarded as the best dealer realizing the Leasing from the Manufacturer program. And OOO Sakhalin-zapchastservis from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk was awarded for active promotion of new leasing products of Leasing Company KAMAZ Inc.
Surgut’s Nauchno-tekhnicheskiy tsentr Evrika-Treyd was recognized as the fastest developing service center. At year-end, Saratovskiy avtotsentr KAMAZ and OOO KAMAZtsentr from Belgorod became the best dealer fulfilling warranty obligations and the best NGV service center, respectively. The award for the Best Debut on the Market was received by OOO Komtrans-NN from Nizhny Novgorod.
Naberezhnochelninskiy avtotsentr KAMAZ was awarded for the high level of compliance with dealership standards, and Nizhny Novgorod’s OOO NizhBel was awarded for the development of KAMAZ’s sales network.

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