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The Youth Forum of KAMAZ was carried out in the Zvyozdny health camp.
The forum was organized to implement and promote a youth policy at the enterprises of the auto giant. It was attended by workers of KAMAZ’s factories and organizations under the age of 35. According to Ilnur Zinnurov, Director of the Forum, preference was given to those who haven’t participated in such events yet because it’s necessary to discover the potential of as many employees as possible. “The main purpose of the forum is to find and unite the most active young KAMAZ workers, this is the way we are building the backbone of the group of the company’s young activists,” said Zinnurov. “At the same time, it’s important to teach them how to develop projects so that the young experts might reveal problems and be ready to tackle different tasks.”
The participants of the forum visited a number of events necessary for professional and personal growth: various trainings and group exercises. There was also an interactive lecture on “Youth Projects at KAMAZ”, an entertaining game “Megamind”, tasks for creativity, such as to issue a wall newspaper. There was an interesting group exercise “KAMAZ Twenty Years After” to do which the participants were divided into eight teams and presented their vision of the situation. The KAMAZ-master team became the most popular object of imagination, and the participation in races became the main topic. The young people forecasted that women would be among the members of the team, our unmanned vehicle would win in the Dakar rally and races on the Moon. At the end of the forum, the participants defended their projects.
According to the participants, the “youth rally” turned out to be useful for them: they managed to acquire new knowledge and make useful contacts.

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