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KAMAZ starts mass production of two new truck models designed in collaboration with the German company Daimler – the KAMAZ-65206 tractor unit and the KAMAZ-65207 high-sided long-haul vehicle.
This is, in fact, KAMAZ’s anti-crisis offer for Russian carriers in a difficult economic situation in Russia. The new models of KAMAZ vehicles are similar to foreign analogues in their characteristics, but their price is much lower. It should be taken into account that the company has a wide network covering the whole of Russia and the CIS countries and can offer high-quality service and maintenance solving problems with spare parts delivery. In addition, an owner of a Russian truck can significantly save on purchasing components to it since prices of spare parts for imported vehicles have risen sharply against the background of a rouble devaluation.
The world’s best technologies were aggregated to develop the new model range, which enabled to create a brand-new comfortable and safe vehicle with up-to-date electronic equipment. Now KAMAZ’s long-haul tractors have comfortable air-conditioned Mersedes-Benz Axor cabs with heated seats and modified KAMAZ chassis. The vehicles are powered with a Mersedes-Benz in-line six-cylinder 428hp Euro 5 engine (by the way, at a customer’s request, it can be replaced by a 400-horsepower engine made by KAMAZ). And if the KAMAZ-5490 (M1842) long-haul tractor is built on a two-axle platform, the new models KAMAZ-65206 and KAMAZ-65207 are three-axle, so they have much more options for goods transportation.
Several Russian companies have already appreciated advantages of these trucks and expressed their intention to buy the first batches of KAMAZ trucks from the new model range.

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