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JSC Neftekamsk Automobile Plant, KAMAZ’s subsidiary in Neftekamsk (Bashkortostan), optimizes business processes following guidelines set by the parent company.
According to Nikolay Pronin, General Director of Neftekamsk Automobile Plant, Deputy General Director of OJSC KAMAZ for Special Vehicles, the factory is currently being renewed in all spheres – quality, economy, and procurement. For more than 10 years, the company has been systematically modernizing all basic technological processes, advanced technologies with the use of the latest equipment are introduced in blank production, laser and plasma cutting, flangers and pipe benders ensure high quality and performance. Robotic systems function in welding, painting, hydraulic ram production units. It is no mere chance that Neftekamsk Automobile Plant is one of the leading organizations in KAMAZ Group and in the industry by the technical and technological level.
In the process of production optimization, efforts are aimed at reducing labor intensity: new working methods are introduced to reduce unproductive expenditures. In addition, components manufactured in China are used by assembly now, which will also promote cost saving. And at the same time capacities will increase, the plant will be able to produce up to 7,000 trailers and semitrailers a year, including all versions.
As for labour organization, the factory began switching over to payment by job from payment by time to raise labour productivity and motivate the employees to work more efficiently. The number of the employees depends on the volume of production. Due to uneven production, the workers have to change their job positions inside the factory temporarily. Thus, it is expected to increase bus production volumes in 2015, and, consequently, the number of employees may increase due to internal redistribution of human resources. It is not planned to reduce the number of staff, but employment is suspended: all changes are taking place against a backdrop of the so-called natural decrease. It became widespread that workers who have reached their pre-retirement and retirement age are dismissed by agreement of the parties. In this case, the employee receives a lump sum payment equal to 40% of the average salary of his last working year multiplied by the number of full years worked at the factory. This is enshrined in the Collective Agreement of the enterprise, and such a practice will be maintained this year too.
“The auto market is always among the first to respond to an economic slump,” Nikolay Pronin says. “Therefore we try not to aggravate tension, but develop both optimistic and pessimistic scenarios. We have what to offer to purchasers, our products are in demand. Crises arise, but they are surmountable – we must only work, it's important.”

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