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The Production System KAMAZ gained renewed impetus when the company adopted a further development plan – PSK+ whose main task is to “push” problems from the basic processes to auxiliary ones.
Under PSK+, 32 pilot sites are organized, a number of corporate projects are opened at the factories in this area: two projects at the automobile plant, two at the engine plant, three at the repair and tool making plant, four at the forge plant, 10 at the foundry, and 11 at the press and stamping plant. Almost all projects were implemented with the help of the logistics center of KAMAZ.
One of innovations of the year is the introduction of principles of simultaneous operation of several machines. At present, more than one and a half thousand pieces of equipment are used in this project, combining of professions is organized in more than 30 workshops.
Last year, KAMAZ employees filed much more ideas of improvement than expected: 284 thousand kaizen suggestions. 1,896 kaizen projects were filed instead of 1,500 ones actually planned. On the whole, Goals-2014 were overfulfilled too: despite the fact that the level of economic effect to be achieved was raised by adjustment (2 billion 108 million rubles), the result is much higher: 2 billion 937 million rubles.
During “Open Days”, KAMAZ shared its experience in the sphere of the PSK with delegates from 70 domestic enterprises 13 of which are direct suppliers of the auto giant. The Production System KAMAZ received extensive coverage through the participation of KAMAZ’s lean team in a variety of forums, competitions and conferences and underwent international expertise: representatives of the Daimler company conducted assessment at the engine plant and the automobile plant. This year, the forge plant will be assessed.
According to Vladimir Arzhentsov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Development of the Production System KAMAZ, this year lean KAMAZ workers will also discover losses and try to reduce them focusing on the built-in quality. As for kaizen suggestions, now the task is not to increase their number, but to make each of them really valuable and, naturally, implemented by all means.
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