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KAMAZ took part in Tatarstan International Automotive Forum (TIAF) held in Kazan last week.
The forum was attended by more than 280 managers and specialists of automobile companies of Povolzhye and other Russian regions, as well as representatives of the Association of European Businesses. The purpose of the event is to attract investments in the automotive industry of Tatarstan, support innovations, cooperate in training experts, expand and strengthen international partnership among enterprises of the republic and European companies in the field of automotive components. The participants got an opportunity to share their experience in production localization and formation of a complete chain of vehicle production and maintenance.
KAMAZ was represented by Igor Saveliev, Head of the Company’s Strategic Development Department. At a plenary session, he spoke about KAMAZ’s main tasks for 2015, including further integration into the global automotive industry with the help of Daimler, development of strategic partnerships for automotive components manufacturing, development and production of new models of trucks.
He also announced probable terms of market stabilization. According to the reporter, “there is an expectation that the lowest point of the crisis will be passed in 2015, and a demand will start to grow from 2016: it will be stimulated by implementation of infrastructure projects, a necessity to renew the fleet.” Igor Saveliev expressed confidence that by 2020 the Russian truck market would have reached the level of 2007-2008. KAMAZ will in this case be able to sell 67 thousand trucks a year.
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