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Last Saturday, KAMAZ’s first General Director Lev Borisovich Vasilyev celebrated his 90th anniversary.
Congratulations to the hero of the anniversary were sent by Sergey Kogogin, General Director of OJSC KAMAZ, “All KAMAZ employees express deep gratitude to you, let me convey the warmth that fills all KAMAZ workers’ hearts and souls. Your personal contribution to the foundation of the company is invaluable. I am sure you will more than once feel pride in your life’s work. Be happy every day, and may your life be long!”
It is difficult to overestimate Lev Vasilyev’s role in the formation of KAMAZ. While the plant was under construction, facilities and trucks were being designed simultaneously, he assumed the main coordinator’s functions. Lev Borisovich was at the helm of KAMAZ for 12 years. Within this period, the auto giant started working at full capacity. In 1976, the first line of vehicles was produced, and KAMAZ’s second line came off the conveyor in 1981. Vasilyev’s another merit is that he developed the human resource potential of the automobile plant having attracted the best specialists and managers from across the country to the city. In 1977, Lev Vasiliev was awarded the Honorary Title “Hero of Socialist Labour”. He is a bearer of many orders and medals, Honorary Citizen of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.
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