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The Vesti KAMAZa newspaper is again among the leaders of the Rating of Corporate Media of Industrial Companies 2015 ranking third in the Top 10 Best Corporate Newspapers and second in the Engineering category.
The competition is organized by the Up-pro.ru business portal for the fifth year in a row as a non-profit project. The results of the rating fully depend on the readers’ interest and feedback on materials published by corporate periodicals. The purpose of the rating is to discover highly expert media that highlight processes of modern, efficient production organization in their companies in full and with high accuracy for the professional community, to expand and quicken access to high-quality information about companies’ practical experience. The readership of the portal is the chief judge of the competition. Due to the users’ interest, corporate publications of 2014 collect a certain amount of views. The more the total number of visits to all published articles in a certain corporate edition for a year is, the higher it ranks. More than 250 corporate magazines and newspapers in all for a year were presented in the project.

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