February 4th, 2015


In 2014, OJSC KAMAZ sold 104 large-class passenger NEFAZ buses on compressed natural gas under the program of granting government support subsidies from the federal budget.
The rules of granting subsidies for the purchase of buses and vehicles for housing and communal services were approved by Decree #1027 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated October 08, 2014.
NEFAZ-5299-30-51 buses on compressed natural gas produced by NEFAZ, KAMAZ’s subsidiary in Neftekamsk (Bashkortostan), have already arrived in the Republic of Dagestan, Tula and Voronezh Oblasts.
30 buses were received by MKP Tulgorelektrotrans engaged in urban transportation by buses, trolleybuses and trams in Tula and Tula Oblast.
60 buses were purchased by the Government of the Republic of Dagestan to serve intracity routes of the capital. Purchases were made under the priority project for the development of the Republic of Dagestan “Points of Growth, Investment and Effective Regional Development”.
The transport department of the urban district’s administration of Voronezh purchased 14 buses to improve the urban transportation network and replace a large part of minibuses with large-class buses under the regional program “People's Route”.
KAMAZ has been developing advanced vehicles running on alternative fuels for a long time. One of such projects is a NEFAZ bus powered with compressed natural gas.
The delivered passenger buses are equipped with gas-powered Mercedes-Benz M 906 LAG/EEV/1 engines complying with Euro 5 emission standards and are based on KAMAZ chassis. The total capacity of one passenger bus is 105 people. A VOITH D 854.3E hydromechanical transmission, a Knorr-Bremse brake system, front and rear air suspensions ensure safety. The basic version features a kneeling system – a device tilting the vehicle which saves time at bus stops and enables passengers to board and leave the bus more easily. The model has a robust frame, all-metal monocoque wagon body made of two-sided galvanized steel with a 12-year warranty against rust.
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На «КАМАЗе» начнутся общественные работы

С 6 февраля на «КАМАЗе» начнутся общественные работы. Несмотря на то, что официального решения Правительства РФ о выделении денег на организацию общественных работ пока нет, уже в эту пятницу многие камазовцы, желающие заработать в дни простоев,  займутся наведением порядка, ремонтом и другими видами деятельности, не требующими специальной квалификации. Оплачиваться эти работы будут за счёт средств ОАО «КАМАЗ». 


На «КАМАЗе» пройдёт техническая конференция с участием представителей заводов-изготовителей спецтехники.
Сегодня, 4 февраля, на «КАМАЗе» ждут представителей 33 компаний, занимающихся изготовлением спецтехники на базе шасси КАМАЗ. Сотрудники ОАО «НЕФАЗ», ООО «Автомеханический завод», ООО «КРАН центр «КАМАЗ» и ряда других организаций посетят совместное предприятие «ЦФ-КАМА», Прессово-рамный и Автомобильный заводы, а также осмотрят выставку автотехники КАМАЗ.
Во второй половине дня участники конференции соберутся в Генеральной дирекции, где перед ними выступят заместитель генерального директора ОАО «КАМАЗ» по продажам и сервису Павел Каничев и генеральный директор «Торгово-финансовой компании «КАМАЗ» Герман Гильфанов. Главный конструктор компании Данис Валеев расскажет о перспективах развития нового модельного ряда и о шасси КАМАЗ-65207. Затем представители заводов-изготовителей в ходе круглых столов встретятся с руководством компании.


A technical conference with the participation of special vehicles manufacturers will be held at KAMAZ.
Today, on February 4, KAMAZ is waiting for the representatives of 33 companies manufacturing special equipment on KAMAZ chassis. The employees of JSC Neftekamsk Automobile Plant, Automechanical Plant LLC, OOO KRAN tsentr KAMAZ and several other organizations will attend ZF-KAMA Joint Venture, KAMAZ press-and-stamping and automobile plants and see an exhibition of KAMAZ vehicles.
In the afternoon, the participants will gather at the General Directorate where they will listen to the speeches delivered by Pavel Kanichev, Deputy General Director of OJSC KAMAZ for Sales and Service, and German Gilfanov, General Director of KAMAZ FINANCE AND TRADING COMPANY. Danis Valeev, Chief Designer of the company, will tell about the prospects of developing a new model range and KAMAZ-65207 chassis. Then the manufacturer's representatives will participate in round table meetings with the company’s management.